Thursday, 1 July 2010

Welcome To My World!

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Hello everybody!
My name is  Michael Ks (aka DJ Mentoras)
I am 28 years old and i LOVE music...
I've been mixing house and trance music around 4 years...I love all genres but Commercial House, Electro House, Trance and songs with melodies are my favorite!
You are welcome to hear,download and comment on my mixes...
General Overview: I love music,i love Dj-ing ,I LOVE watching people smiling and dancing along the rythmn...All these lead me to create this blog and share my work and passion for music with other people that love music too.
Thank You,Dj Mentoras

..."don't do what anyone else does, don't worry how John Digweed and Carl Cox are mixing, make your own style individualistic to you."DJ Evan Samurin ...

ABOUT DONATIONS: If you feel like and are able to make a donation...thanks in advance..!I'm not making a living out of donations...nor it is the reason that i make mixes...
But the best payment i can receive is a good comment or a support message...
Thank you & Enjoy The Music!!!

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