Monday, 16 January 2012

...Electro Feelings...


                                             ...Electro Feelings...September 2k11

Created in: September 2011
-DJ Mentoras On Facebook:
Genres: Electro House
Technical Infos:  Duration: 00:27:49,Format: MP3 @130 BPM,44100Hz,Channels:Joint Stereo 
Playlist :
1.David Kriss - Break Tha Da (Radio Edit)
 2.Dj Shevtsov - Moscow Girls (Feat. Mic EP)
 3.Christian Hinzer & Chris Ortega - The Groove (Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest Rmix)
 4.The Bomb - Skynight (Radio Edit)
 5.Greg Armano - Stars
 6.Christian Sims & Christophe Fontana - Nanana (Feat. Eva Menson - Damier N -Drix Remix)
 7.Andrew Phillips - The Saxophonist (Criminal Vibes Remix)
 8.Benedetto & Farina - Love Is Energy (Feat. Akram-Luke Jeferson)
 9.Alex Grey & Silvio Carrano - Deep Inside (Feat. Miss Tia - Nowak Electroness Mix)
10.Golden Vegas - Inside (Radio Edit)
11.King Richard & Danny Torrence - Stupid Disco (Paris Fz Remix)
12.Tito Sorres - Want You 13.Marc Canova - Free

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